Cookie Policy


This Cookie Policy forms part of and is incorporated into the Company’s Privacy Policy and its purpose is to inform the user of the following:

  1. how the Company uses cookies; and
  2. how the user can manage, control and disable cookies.

For information concerning the exercise of your rights, please refer to the Company’s Privacy Policy.

Cookies Defined

Cookies are text files with small pieces of data that are stored and used by websites to identify the user’s computer, mobile or other electronic device and to improve the user’s browsing experience of this website. Upon your connection with this website, data stored in a cookie is created by the server. The cookie will collect information associated to your use of this website and information on your device such as its IP address, browser type, type of electronic device, the operating system, internet service provider, demographic and other relevant information.  Also, this website’s information system automatically collects data regarding the linked sites visited by the user.

The Cookies that will be used in this website are:

  • Necessary/Operational Cookies

Necessary Cookies are used to support the necessary functions of this website. These Cookies are stored in the user's browser and the user cannot reject them because in the absence of these Cookies this website cannot operate safely and uninterruptedly and the user cannot enjoy a good level of security and usability. The rejection of these Cookies would result in the user compromising the safety and enjoyment of all the features of this website. For this reason, the user’s consent in relation to these Cookies is not required.

  • Statistics Cookies

Statistics Collection Cookies help website owners understand how users interact with websites by collecting and submitting information on an anonymous basis in order to improve the website.

  • Marketing Cookies

Marketing Cookies are designed to provide content that best suits you and your interests. They collect information about your preferences in order to show you relevant ads or listings of the Company. These Cookies are placed by us or third parties on our behalf and help us provide you with personalized and targeted information - messages and content in general - both during and after you visit this website.

Use of Cookies

Cookies allow the Company to facilitate a better website for you by providing us with information on which pages the user finds most useful. The information the Company collects remains anonymous and is only used for the purpose of statistical analysis. The data is thereafter removed from the system.

The Company can store cookies on your device if they are necessary for the operation of this website, however, a cookie does not in any way give the Company access to the user’s electronic device or any of the user’s identity information, files or documents.

Cookie Management

Upon visiting this website for the first time, the user can set up the web browser in such a way as to choose to either accept all Cookies, disable all Cookies or accept selected Cookies. If the user disables all Cookies or accepts selected Cookies on their browser, then some functions may not be available on the website.

If the user chooses to:

  1. accept all Cookies, then the user is taken to have given his consent to all categories of Cookies used by this website;
  2. reject all Cookies, then the user is taken to have rejected all categories of Cookies (apart from the necessary Cookies);
  3. accept selected Cookies, then the user can select and deactivate the categories of Cookies they do not wish to proceed with (apart from the necessary Cookies) .    

Links to Third Party Websites

If the user uses a link to another website through this website, the user acknowledges that the owner of the linked website has its own privacy and cookie policies. The user consents that the use of any link through this website is the sole responsibility of the user and the Company will not in any way be held responsible for any cost, loss and/or damage that is caused from the use of linked websites.